Vegan & Vegetarian Menu

J Sheekey’s newest menu is dedicated exclusively to vegetarian and vegan dishes. Ideal for those looking for a menu that suits all tastes

Alongside our A La Carte menu of seasonal fish and shellfish is a new menu which offers an ample selection of vegetable-based dishes. Guests can choose from heritage beetroot salad, pickled winter tomatoes and beetroot hummus, spinach and aubergine tikka masala with pilaf rice and rigatoni with shaved zucchini, tenderstem broccoli and chilli.

There’s also a tempting selection of vegan desserts to end your meal on a sweet note, including coconut panna cotta with tropical fruits and a chocolate and hazelnut mousse with mango sorbet.

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J Sheeeky offers a vegetarian and vegan menu

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Vegan & Vegetarian Menu

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