Inspired by the hustle and bustle of London’s West End, it’s curtains up on the newest rendition of J.Sheekey’s classic and signature cocktails.

Designed for theatreland revellers, both actors and audience alike, we invite you to witness the mesmerising artistry of our expert mixologists, gracing the metaphorical cocktail stage with their extraordinary talents. As you revel in the opulence of our finest seafood dishes, let your taste buds dance with delight while indulging in the dramatic allure of our new concoctions.

Behold, the West End Negroni, featuring Amaro, chamomile infused Plymouth Gin and coffee infused Vermouth, or dare to venture into the depths of the Atlantic Vesper, a mysterious composition featuring Plymouth Navy Strength Gin, oyster leaf-infused Wyborowa Vodka, Vermouth, and Samphire. 

Join us at J.Sheekey’s, where cocktails become art, and each sip tells a compelling story, leaving you yearning for an encore.